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Parallel Lines

Custom Apparel

On this page you will find original pieces painted by BristlesandDesign on upcycled clothing that are currently available for purchase. You will also find the option to interact with BristlesandDesign and design your own custom apparel piece.

"Beauty In the Little Things"

This one of a kind piece was given new life after thrifted! This olive green jump suit is light weight with buttons in the front and a waist tie. This jump suit also has roll up sleeves that button! It has been embellished with two hand painted moths in the front and two larger moths on the back. 


"Power Within"

This one of a kind piece was given new life after thrifted! This olive green jacket is light weight and come with beautiful embellishing bottoms on the front, with a zipper that zips on the size. This medium size jacket has a beautiful shape that fits a woman's shape and I wanted to ensure that my design was inline with the bodice of this jacket. That is how I arrived at the abstract background in the back. I also followed the same pattern underneath the sleeves, to give it some additional movement from the front. I landed on the skull once I had painted the abstract line and painted both black and off white. This skull was also painted in acrylic paint and give a strong sense of power.


"Just Watch Me"

This upcycled black jacket was painted on with acrylic painted and embroidered with glass beads. This jacket is a size M. The design on the back with a woman with a floral over her head and face. The same floral design can be seen on the front of the jacket. This piece is perfect for anyone looking for a one of a kind, show stopping piece.

"Breathe In"

This upcycled denim jacket was painted a floral scape on the left and right of the female in the center. The woman was painted with acrylic paint and embroidered with glass beads. The front of the jacket was given the same leafy design from the woman in the middle to connect the back and front of the jacket. This jacket is a size S and is perfect for anyone looking for a show stopping, one of a kind piece.


"Spring Bloom"

This upcycled olive green jacket was painted a happy floral scape on the back and front pockets in acrylic paint. This jacket is a size 6 (small or medium) and has a zipper in the front. This jacket is perfect for anyone looking for a show stopping, one of a kind piece.

Custom Apparel

Design your own custom apparel! If you are looking for a specific design or a gift for a child or friend, this is the perfect piece for you. 

Send BristlesandDesign a message and begin the design progress!

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